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Fine Wooden Planes. Made in England. Est. 2007

Hollow And Round Moulding Planes

These moulding planes are the most useful you could own - with them you can make trim mouldings, round over corners, make linenfold panels, even make your own dowels. Simple and addictive to use, these versatile planes are a must-have addition to your workshop.

We can make any size pair from #1 through to #18. As a good place to start we recommend #6 (3/8 inch radius) and #12 (3/4 inch radius) pairs.

We recommend 55 degrees pitch for use with hardwoods - we can make them in higher or lower pitch on request. Made from carefully chosen and seasoned quartersawn Beech.

* Pitch - 55 degrees

* Irons - 3mm thick O1 High Carbon Steel

* Price - £260 for a matched pair.