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Traditional Wooden Planes made in England.

Phil Edwards is the craftsman behind Philly Planes, who are reviving the lost art of wooden plane making in the UK. As a woodworker with a passion for hand tools, planes in particular, it was inevitable that he would end up making them himself. From his workshop in Broadstone, Dorset he makes each individual plane by hand.  

Our planes are based on traditional designs and are made using the finest materials - carefully selected and well seasoned hardwoods and Sheffield high carbon steel. The O1 cutting irons are all made in-house (including heat treatment and tempering) to ensure a quality blade that will take and hold a fine cutting edge.  The planes are made one at a time, using traditional methods and plane making tools.


Happy New Year!!The British Pound is currently weak in the exchange markets. What does this mean? It means my planes are now even cheaper if you live outside the UK - take advantage on the exchange rate now!

We are pleased to offer the Small Plow or Drawer Bottom plane as its known - an old favourite that is now added to our roster of production models.

Our Plane Making Floats are now available to buy - click the “Tools” menu for more details!

We are offer a custom Iron service - if you are making your own wooden plane we can make you an iron to suit. Just email us with your requirements - we have a wide range of steel sizes in stock and the prices are very competitive! We have some of our standard irons ready to go - click the “Tools” menu for details.

Don't forget we make a wide selection of planes from the the smallest block plane through to a a 30 inch Jointer and everything in-between -  if you can't see what you are after on the site just email us with your requirements. All planes are made one at a time so we can customise any order to your specific requirements (i.e. different bedding angle, different timbers) We also have a small selection of Exotic timbers suitable for that special plane!     

Check out our Facebook page for latest news and photo’s of what’s happening in the workshop!

Small Plow