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Philly Planes High Carbon Steel Plane Irons

We get asked a lot about purchasing one of the irons we make for our planes and often make custom size irons for customers. We are now pleased to offer a selection of our plane irons, made in our workshop from finest O1 steel, for use in your own plane project.

Bench Plane Irons

These irons are used in our bench planes and are parallel thickness and uncut (so unsuitable for use with a chip-breaker). They are supplied ground at a 25 degree primary bevel and honed ready to use.

40mm x 4mm  - £35

50mm x 4mm -  £40

50mm x 6mm - £45

60mm x 4mm -  £45

Moulding Plane Irons

These irons are used in our Hollow and Rounds, Snipes Bills, Side Rounds and Side Beads. Parallel in thickness (3mm) and with tangs of suitable width to suit the width of iron, they are supplied annealed (soft enough to work with files to final shape) and will need to be hardened before they can be used. We offer a hardening service, please email for a quote.

Suitable for #1- #10 - £12.00

Suitable for #11- #18 - £16.00

Price is for a single iron - for a pair of irons we give a 10% discount. Please email us detailing your required final  width of blade to ensure we send you the correct size.

Please email me for a shipping quote.