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Philly Planes Plane-making Floats

One specialised tool that is traditionally used in plane making is the “Float”, a cross between a saw and a rasp. It is used to open up mortises and square up surfaces and corners. It can reach where other tools cannot and removes material quickly yet leaves a clean surface.

We are now pleased to offer our own range of floats, made at our workshop. They feature a high carbon steel blade that continues all the way through the handle for strength riveted to a Mahogany handle with brass pins. Finish is Danish oil and wax. These floats have exhaustedly tested over many months of plane making and we are satisfied that they are the best you can buy. They can be re-sharpened with a regular file.

Edge Float 3mm or 4mm wide  - £75 plus shipping

Floats are available in both push or pull cut versions - I recommend push cut for your first float.

We are also pleased to offer a Skewed Float for use in the making of planes with skewed irons, the only skewed floats available on the market. Without one of these it is impossible to cut the acute corners of the mortise correctly.

Skewed Float 3mm or 4mm thick - £85 plus shipping

Left handed skew floats available on request.